December 4, 2018

Vibrato is an augmented musical experience for Deaf / Hard of Hearing individuals, initiated as an Android app developed in CS 160 (User Interface Design and Development) and extended into a prototype of a more immersive experience as a Jacobs Institute Innovation Catalysts Ignite Grant project.

Members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community express unique challenges when it comes to enjoying music. Whether certain song lyrics are hard to understand or the bass balance is too low, musical experiences vary greatly for individuals across the Hearing Loss spectrum.

Through haptic vibration, adjustable bass and volume levers, and an on-screen visualization with lyrics, Vibrato synthesizes the tactile, auditory, and visual components of musical experiences into one interface.

Whether listening to live music or songs a playlist, Vibrato users can engage in musical experiences with a heightened sense for elements of music that are understated in their typical experience with Hearing Loss. Individuals with varying degrees of Deafness and Hearing Loss can access and customize the Vibrato experience to best fit their needs.


May 2020 | UC Berkeley Discovery Project Feature

In May 2020, Vibrato was featured by the Berkeley Discovery Program, a platform that spotlights UC Berkeley student projects centering around research, community engagement, creative arts, and entrepreneurialism. In collaboration with the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, the Berkeley Discover Program produced this feature video:

May 2019 | Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation Project Feature

In May 2019, Vibrato was featured by the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation. In this feature, we produced the spotlight video embedded at the top of this webpage.


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Revekka Kostoeva, Zuojun Zheng, Justin Ma, Ting (Rex) Lin, Janaki Vivrekar

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