May 1, 2020

Created as a project in the SCET Challenge Lab @ Berkeley in Spring 2020, Inspirit is a platform that allows the world’s largest companies to sponsor individuals' efforts for social good.

Inspirit partners with large corporations (Corporate Partners) to help them establish their social impact footprint in their community. Corporate Partners pledge sponsorship for social good events like the Pride Parade, Climate March, and Women’s March, and Inspirit connects them with nonprofits (Social Good Partners) that use their donations to actively improve the world we live in. To leverage the power of the people, Corporate Sponsors donate money proportional to the engagement of participating individuals, measured via IoT devices.

Check out the Inspirit mobile app mockups as well as the brainstorms and design system below, made with Figma.


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Shelley Cai, Joy Day, Mason Dochterman, Aditya Kotak, Janaki Vivrekar

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