May 11, 2019

BiBO is a wearable technology presenting a creative engagement in the space of cosmetic computing, designed and fabricated as a project in Critical Making @ Berkeley in Spring 2019.

BiBO is a dynamic, responsive compression band for competitive athletes in training. With the context-aware mode of sensing an athlete’s heartbeat, BiBO equips the wearer with an automated regulator for real-time muscle recovery. Upon detecting a relaxed pulse, BiBO automatically activates a gradual compression on the athlete’s arm, to help modulate blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

BiBO achieves the following objectives:

  • context-awareness: sense an athlete’s heart rate
  • pulse detection: find pauses in their workout
  • automation: regulate real-time muscle recovery
  • moderation: implement gradual arm compression
  • flexibility: be comfortable throughout workout

With BiBO, athletes can engage in rigorous workout sessions without having to break the fluidity of their routines to benefit from compression therapy. Breathe in, breathe out, and let BiBO do the rest!


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Annalise Kamegawa, James Smith, Melissa Su, Janaki Vivrekar

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